Anushka Davids

“Clarity of the mind, body and spirit is the key to creativity.” - Dan Wakefield

For many artists, the mind can be an extremely busy or loud place. For Anushka Davids, she has used this to her advantage. By calming her mind and focusing on capturing new ideas, she has managed to come up with some truly amazing designs and this is precisely why we have featured her prints in more than one of our collections. 

Those familiar with Halo’s products will recall Anushka from our popular Edible Flowers collection, which she designed prints for. 

Anushka has since returned to present prints for our new Starfish theme, which she developed through inspiration from the beach. Having grown up in Melkbosstrand, South Africa, Anushka spent a lot of her free time at the beach and this is where some of her creative ideas took shape. “The beach always portrayed an artistic narrative to me, I saw a story in every element and it inspired me to create these designs,” she says. 

For Anushka, the concept of creativity is something that solely depends on the individual. In her case, she was born into a creative family, but believes that creativity can be developed to an extent. “I think creativity can be 50/50 - you can be born with it and it can be developed at the same time,” she says. 

Having realized that she was a creative person in Grade 2, Anushka’s artistic abilities have grown from strength to strength. She still, however, chooses to look back and be grateful for the opportunities presented to her. “Reflection is very important to me because when I look back at all the artistic events throughout my life, it shaped me into the creative person I am today and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything,” she reiterates. 

Follow Anushka on Instagram at @artistic_nush

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