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Halo Dish Covers, known as Nature's Guardian Angel, was founded by the team behind Spaza Store in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialize in creating practical dish covers and helping reduce single-use plastic waste, while offering hope to South Africans through the creation of much needed employment opportunities
When it was time for Spaza to grow, we knew that we didn't want to grow just to have a bigger company.  Our aim was to grow opportunities for young people in South Africa, grow our communities of like-minded people and to work together towards better business practices. Our growth also means less waste, and less single-use plastics.

     Made in South Africa

     South Africa has an alarming unemployment rate of 32.9% (and this number is increasing) of which 59.6% is made up of young people under the age of 25.  We are working to uplift existing manufacturers and cooperatives in South Africa, with a focus on creating job opportunities for young people. Halo provides training and equipment to ensure consistent, high-quality production in a sustainable and efficient manner. As the company grows, we plan to expand this initiative and create even more job opportunities. 

    According to a survey conducted by SME South Africa, 47% of South Africa’s small and medium enterprises are led by women. Halo Dish Covers happens to form part of that group. Our company comprises a phenomenal team of talented women led by female visionary, Julia Schaffer. By collaborating with existing manufacturers and artists, we hope to drive this narrative forward by creating more opportunities for women to thrive.

    We recently received certification from WeConnect International as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This certification recognizes Halo as a women-owned business that meets the rigorous standards set by WeConnect International.

    As a WBE, we are part of a global network of women-owned businesses and has access to resources, opportunities, and support to grow and succeed. This is a testament to our commitment to promoting diversity and gender equality in the business world while providing innovative and sustainable products to our consumers.



    Committed to environmental kindness 

    We are firm believers of environmental kindness and this thread runs through everything we create. All our products are packaged in an eco-friendly warehouse, where we make every effort to ensure that we reduce plastic wherever possible. 

    Opportunities for artists

    To generate fresh ideas and discover new talent, the Halo team publicly invites young designers to submit a one-page concept proposal on a theme of their choice. If selected, the designer adapts the design to fit the various sizes and shapes of Halo dish covers. Throughout the process, the Halo team offers support and guidance, affording aspiring young designers the chance to gain valuable experience in the industry and the chance to see the impact their art can have on the world.

    We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved official Fair Trade verification! 

    Being part of the Fair Trade Federation community means that we support a more equitable and sustainable global economy while upholding a set of principles that promote social justice and environmental sustainability through fair trade practices. These principles include:
    • Cultivating new market opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers
    • Developing transparent and accountable relationships with producers 
    • Building capacity among producers to improve their skills and knowledge
    • Promoting fair trade as a viable alternative to traditional trade practices
    • Paying promptly and fairly to ensure producers receive a living wage for their work
    • Supporting safe and empowering working conditions for all workers involved in fair trade
    • Ensuring the rights of children are protected and respected
    • Cultivating environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable practices
    • Respecting cultural, racial, and ethnic identity and diversity.
    We take great pride in being acknowledged by the Fair Trade Federation and are committed to upholding their principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability. This achievement is not just a milestone for our brand, but a demonstration of our dedication to ethical and socially-responsible business practices.

    Meet the Team

    South African Headquarters


    The Team in Vancouver           

    Julia Schaffer


    Brad Schaffer



    The Halo Advisory Board 

    With the advice and guidance of these industry experts we strive to create sustainable opportunities for young people in South Africa.  

    Simon Baker Johnson

    Screen Printing Advisor

    Nike Romano

    Surface Design Advisor

    Anita Stanbury 

    Textile Manufacturing Development

    We are grateful for assistance from Mr Shamil Isaacs and his team from Cape Peninsula Technikon Textile Faculty in Cape Town South Africa. 





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