Opportunities for young people

South Africa currently has the highest rate of unemployment in the world, with 34,90% of the population without jobs. This rate is highest among the youth, with 66.5% of people aged 15-24 years old falling unemployed. 

Halo is looking to change this narrative through working with existing cooperatives and manufacturers to help create consistent work for them. By providing training and equipment, we hope to produce a sustainable means of income for communities in critical need of opportunities.

We also collaborate with young artists in order to provide them with remuneration, work experience and industry exposure. We invite young designers to present pitches to us, which we then sift through and select from to turn into our next range. 

We work closely with each artist as they develop their artworks, assisting them with any guidance they may need. In this way, young artists are presented with an opportunity to advance their careers by telling their stories, sharing their work with a larger audience and seeing their art presented in a tangible way.

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