Wash Care

Halo Dish Covers are 100% cotton and do not require any special treatment. They are designed to be used every day and washed with your regular laundry whenever necessary.

Washing Best Practices:

Cold or warm machine wash up to 40˚C/100˚F. Can be hand washed. Do not bleach.

Drying Best Practices:

Tumble dry on medium setting. They can be hung to dry outside or in the kitchen. They can be used while still damp.

Better is Best:

If it is available to you, use methods that are kind on the environment such as biodegradable detergents, cold washing and hang drying.

Wash Care Guide

Contact with food:

Halo Dish Covers sit above your food, like a Halo. They cover your dish and protect your food without touching it so they don’t get very dirty. However if they do, simply throw in the wash with your regular laundry.

Dealing with stains:

The quicker you get to the stain the better your rate of success will be, so head to the kitchen sink, hit the stain with some dish soap and wash out under warm water. They can be soaked in warm soapy water if required. Wash as usual. Do not bleach. 

Dealing with odours:

Your Halo will do wonders to absorb your food’s aromas. This is great because you won’t be hit with the sharp smell of spring onions when you open the fridge door. Don’t worry, the odour washes away in the next wash.


All measures have been taken to make sure your Halo Dish Cover doesn’t shrink. Cotton is a natural renewable resource which is easy to care for however it can shrink unexpectedly, so we recommend cold or warm wash at below 40˚C / 100˚F and using the warm setting on the tumble dryer.

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