Eco-friendly and practical

Combining both form and function, our products are not only practical but kind to the environment too. 

Besides being super handy, our dish covers are also flexible and accommodate different sizes, shapes and situations, making them extremely useful. 

They’re long-lasting, durable and can be used over and over again for many years. 

They’re breathable and eliminate condensation, protecting your food from harmful toxins. They also help contribute to decreasing the amount of waste created by single-use plastics. 

Both beautiful and useful, they add flair to any table setting and are a gorgeous addition to minimalistic decor. 

Each Halo carries the story of the hands that brought it to reality. 

We are firm believers of environmental kindness and this thread runs through everything we create. All our products are packaged in an eco-friendly warehouse, where we make every effort to ensure that we reduce plastic wherever possible. 

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