Halo Dish Covers is proud to be partnering with Project Greenify. 

A word from Sylvia van Can the owner of Dutch Creations, and author of Project Greenify:

It is time to cut this time-consuming cycle. And if we’re actually doing this, why not do it with a worthwhile change and greenify?

Incorporating sustainability into your lifestyle begins with a deeper understanding of the impact of your choices to the greater scheme of things. And so, transitioning into this change requires one to do away with the drop-in-the-bucket-mindset and instead, replacing it by believing in the ripple effect wherein you cast the first stone. When you start seeing yourself as a catalyst for change, you take in a sense of responsibility and accountability for your actions and its consequences thereof.

Sustainable living proves beneficial in many ways. But to simplify, there are two major benefactors that we would like to identify—others and you.

Firstly, “others” cover the environment, everyone else on this planet, and the future populations as well.

Second, it benefits you. Transitioning to a green lifestyle allows for more inexpensive alternatives for e.g. clothing and transportation and allows long-term savings as well.

We can’t stress it enough, it’s a win-win situation. Therefore, here we are, challenging you to do a lifestyle change and greenify with us! So, we invite you to check out our blog for a complete inspiration palette and create a more sustainable lifestyle, step by step!


Instagram: @project_greenify

sylvia van can

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