The Halo Gift Guide 2021

It’s almost that time of year again - the crazy dash for Christmas gifts. And between crowded malls, super-long queues and mountains of wrapping paper, the quest to find the best gifts for your friends could seem tedious at best. We’re here, however, to help take the stress away by providing you with a gifting guide that we think you (and your faves) will love. 

While it may seem impossible to find a gift worthy enough for the besties who mean so much to you, we’ve got just the inspiration to make the gift of giving feel even more sentimental this year. 

For the Entertainer

Whether they’re a seasoned entertainer or brand new to the hosting game, we all know someone who loves to bring loved ones together through the love of food. Make sure they have the essentials for the job with our beautiful range of large sets and XXL dish covers.

Each large set of three comes complete with a medium, large and extra-large dish cover - perfect for hosting and entertaining. Salads and side dishes can be kept fresh and protected with the large and extra-large covers, while the medium covers are great for guarding prepared dishes against flies and other unwanted guests. 

Our XXL dish covers are perfect for those hosts and hostesses who enjoy making dishes in bulk and are made to efficiently cover giant dishes and platters. The cover takes the shape of the dish, making it a versatile option that can be used on a variety of different bowls. 

They also make beautiful additions to table decor, turning minimal settings into gorgeous spreads. 

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For the Baker

If making delicious baked goods is more of their thing, then we have just what they need to take their creations to the next level. Introducing our Squares and Rectangles dish covers

Perfect for brownies and tray bakes, our rectangle dish covers are made to stretch over various sizes and are breathable, which means limited sweating while freshly-baked treats are cooling down. 

Our square covers do an amazing job of protecting baked desserts, ensuring that their prized goodies make it to the dining table safe and sound. 

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For the Planner

Not everyone has the gift of foresight but this friend is constantly thinking ahead. If they’re not making plans for the next few months, they’re prepping meals and making reservations. This is someone our Set of Smalls was made for. 

Each set comes with a jug cover, an extra small and a small cover and are a spectacular addition to any food prepper’s arsenal of utensils. 

Whether they’re preparing tonight’s meal, tomorrow’s lunch or a delicious cocktail for the weekend, the fruits of their labour will be kept cool and ready for when needed.

Available in various prints and colours. 

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