Using Your Halo

One Halo Dish Cover can cover a multitude of tasks. From preparing to serving, from second helpings to storage, a Halo Dish Cover will adjust over various sizes and shapes to provide an attractive protective covering and will be used over and over again for many meals to come.

Food Preparation

  • Keep soaking legumes, beans, and rice from getting contaminated.
  • A breathable cover for your sourdough starter.
  • Protecting meat or veg while marinating at room temperature or in the fridge.
  • Save time with rinses and pre-cut vegetables covered in the fridge.
  • Jugs of pre-prepared stocks, sauces, and batters in the fridge.
  • A breathable protective covering when fermenting.
  • Great for steaming couscous.


  • Prepared salads for in the fridge or at room temperature before guests arrive. 
  • Covering food as part of an attractive table setting. 
  • Setting out food in preparation for gatherings where guests will help themselves. 
  • Covering a salad between servings on the patio to protect from insects and contaminants.
  • Protect a salad or dish while transporting to a potluck or bring and braai. 
  • Pre-assembling a veggie dip, cheese or snack platter on the counter, transport to a gathering.
  • Covering a warm casserole or dessert at room temperature, or to take to a party.
  • Setting out dips, salsas, sambals, relishes, jams, and sauces on the table. 


    Storing Safely

    •  Leftover portion, lasagne, quiche, curry, stew, in the fridge.
    • Protect ongoing stock, soup, or pancake batter in a jug for easy pouring from the fridge.
    • Cover a pre-prepared meal on the counter for a lucky person!
    • Protect a late sleeping teenager’s breakfast on the counter, in the fridge.
    • Save ongoing dishes such as a batch of beans, lentils, quinoa, or couscous in the fridge.
    • Breathable protection for dry meats in glass jars.
    • Keeping insects out of pets’ food between meals.
    • Protecting tasty things on the counter from pets.
    • Cover your fruit bowl on the counter.
    • Stand up mixer bowl cover.


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